The Divine Reveal Package

Welcome to The Divine Reveal: A Quantum Health Process

This package is designed to take you well down the road in your Quantum Health journey.

Included are:

  • Part 1 - TDR Session Plus

    • 2 Preparing for Your  TDR Sessions ​ (2 hours each)

    • The Divine Reveal (TDR) session (2-4 hours)

    • Session Follow-up #1: Surrender Into Love (1.5 hrs)

    • Session Follow-up #2: Changing You Changes the World (1 hour)

  • Part 2: TDR Support Community - 3 Months

    • Weekly Peer Support Groups (1.5 hrs) for 3 months

    • Additional Zoom groups on various topics as they become available

    • An opportunity for 6 additional months of support community at no charge

A certificate code for Part one will be issued when the package is purchased.

Certificate code for Part 2 will be available on the completion of Part 1.

An additional 6 months of the support community can be earned, at no extra charge, by attending at least 1 support group a week for 10 out of the 13 weeks included in the package.


Total Package value   $987


You Pay                        $444


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