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Health is Everything ~ Everything is Health


Health is everything…
It affects our entire existence, from the simplest of chores to the grandest of dreams. Relationships, career, the ability to enjoy the small pleasures in life, and the big ones too, there isn’t any aspect of our life which our health does not touch.

Everything is Health…
True health encompasses the totality of ones being, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.
Can the physical body be strong when the energy body is totally drained?
When one is depressed how much energy is there to get things done?
When the body’s in pain how well does the mind work?


The Divine Reveal

What would it feel like to be you at your pure essence?

  • Take away all of the things that you learned that you have to be like...

  • Take away all of the things that you learned that you have to do like...

  • Take away all of the concepts of how life is supposed to be...


Just the pure essence of you that has gotten buried under so many layers over the many years...

It’s still there, buried inside, that true divine spark waiting to be revealed and expressed!


The Divine Reveal Process

Quantum health is achieved through allowing the many layers to drop off and the pure divine spark inside to fully express itself throughout the totality of ones being.

The Divine Reveal (TDR) process is based on the near death experience (NDE) of Anita Moorjani which affected every part of her life, including the medically documented shrinking of her tumors by 70% within four days, and no longer detectable within three weeks.

Hypnosis or guided meditation is used to bring about an experience similar to Anita’s NDE and then bring back the growth and knowledge gained. The results have been shifts towards health in every aspect of one’s life. Though we haven’t yet seen the dramatic results that Anita had on the physical level, what we have seen is quite amazing.

This being said, achieving Quantum Health is a process which takes time, effort and commitment.

After having worked with a group of more than twenty volunteers, the TDR process is now open to all within the spiritual/metaphysical community. In time it will also be opened to the general public.

If you’d like to find out more please join us in an interactive group Zoom meeting where the entire process will be explained and you can ask all of the questions you like.

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"I have had the complete pleasure and opportunity, as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, to participate in working with Malka Ahern in her development of Quantum Health, The Divine Reveal.  

First, I must mention how pleasant and informative Malka is to work with.  Her style of interviewing me as a client put me at ease right away.  I found that sharing about my life was a breeze because of her compassionate treatment of the sensitive details, and her willingness to offer insight and wisdom from her years of experience in this modality.  

Through my hypnosis with Malka, I did experience my pure essence.  That part of me that is always with me, but many times I do not listen to because of the debris I have collected all my life that weighs me down.  Voices of society, my family, and people in my life that I placed greater value to than my own inner knowing.  My pure essence was with me to answer all my questions about the healing of health conditions and emotional traumas I have toted around with me for a long time, and information about next steps in helping others through my own practice of QHHT.  All I had to do was to trust that Malka knew what she was doing (and she does!), set the intention to receive answers and healing, and then let go and follow Malka wherever she was taking me.  It was effortless.  It was profound.  And I am healing physically and emotionally more every day since!  I no longer have difficulty with my vision and hearing, and the daily anxiety I was feeling about certain people in my life has vanished.  I will say that I must practice the wisdom that was given to me by my pure essence.  It is not a one-time healing and then you are done.  I continue to use the tools revealed to me every day which allows me to continue physical and emotional health.

I highly recommend working with Malka to achieve physical and emotional health.  Especially if you have been trying many modalities for healing and you just aren’t getting where you need to be.  Quantum Health is about getting to the root causes of suffering.  There is nothing that cannot be healed once it is revealed!"

 Sue, Johnson City, NY

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My journey with alternative forms of healing started as a teen when a chiropractor took  care of a back issue that the doctors said would be around the rest of my life. Later NLP, Homeopathy and Strategic Intervention Coaching would each do their part in resolving “incurables”. After having studied and practiced the latter three I found QHHT’s approach of getting to the core and resolving even physical issues in just one session to be extremely effective and refreshing.

So it was no surprise when a friend sent a link to Eben Alexander’s talk about his near death experience (NDE) and miraculous recovery. While this had me amazed after hearing Anita Moorjani’s story of her NDE and similarly miraculous recovery my mind was now racing. This was obviously repeatable, and so The Divine Reveal  was born.  

Malka is a former student of the Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes Mastery Coaching program and a level 2 practitioner of the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).
Malka Ahern

I would love to speak with you about The Divine Reveal and how it can assist in your journey to quantum health.

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