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The Divine Reveal

A Quantum Health Restoration Process

In today’s world health can be very elusive. But without it, some question whether life is worth living.


What does the Quantum world have to teach us about the rapid restoration of health?


And how is it that many who go through Near Death Experiences (NDE) can have seemingly miraculous turnarounds in their health?

The Quantum In Health

In the quantum world everything is governed by energy and connectivity in conjunction with consciousness.

We see how one atom cloned from another retains a conscious connection no matter how many miles apart they are. We also see how photons readily shift back and forth between energy and matter.

What if your consciousness could inform your photons to utilize energetic shifts to uplevel the physical matter you call your body?

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Experience Your Pure Essence

Who are you when all of the layers are dropped, the culture, upbringing, schooling and traumas?

There is a part of you which remains untouched by all of this. Your Pure Essence, the Divine Spark which is you from your inception.

What would it be like to experience this part of you unhindered?

And what effects would it have on your life moving forward?

Experience Your Connection With Source

Source, God, Creator, or whatever you prefer to call The One.

What’s unique to NDEs is the experience of the pure essence, in connection with Source.

This is why people who have NDEs make such dramatic shifts which affect their health and their life.

How much can your life and health be affected by such an experience?

An NDE Without The ND

If you’ve seen some of the Near Death Experiences NDEs online, you’ve probably noticed that they are vastly different one from the next. What we’ve found is that the NDE which Anita Moorjani describes in her book Dying To Be Me, holds a key which we can utilize to help others. We found that the experience in this specific type of NDE, is highly repeatable through the use of hypnosis or guided meditation.

Although each person’s journey is uniquely their own, through the TDR process and the gamma brain wave state, we can access similar dimensions, have similar experiences, and bring back benefits similar to an NDE.

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What Is The Divine Reveal?

TDR is a unique process that utilizes hypnosis or guided meditation to bring the client to a realm similar to a Near Death Experience (NDE). Once there, the client is guided through many transformative experiences, along the lines of an actual NDE. The client then brings back everything gained and is assisted in integrating and moving forward with all of the shifts made.

TDR is a process, not a single session. There’s preparation to have the best session possible, the main session, and then follow-up coaching and support groups. The goal isn’t just making major shifts, but giving the support to maintain and grow afterwards.

I just got off the phone with my neurologist and they said I have the previous MS (Multiple Sclerosis) signings but there are no new lesions and no active ms signings. This could mean I’m in remission and in the past that’s what I understood as remission. 


​That being said, it’s been a year since I took MS medication so this is fantastic.

Kailey, Utah

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TDR practitioners are not just practitioners, they receive a certificate of competency. This means that their sessions are reviewed until they have proven themselves competent to facilitate every facet of the TDR process.

This is not a step 1, step 2, step 3 package. You’ll attend live classes and learn all of the background and skills needed to facilitate the TDR process. Most of our students have major transformations while working through the classes and practice sessions.

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