"I had a transformational session with Malka. Her voice was very soothing and calm and she took her time, which really helped me during the process, as there was so much that I was seeing and experiencing. The second we started, I saw a number of other beings come in to assist us. I've had a few other alternative hypnosis sessions, including QHHT and for myself, none of them were as distinct and powerful as this. 


After the session, I spent the next 4 days in a heightened state of awareness and joy. From that point on the physical issues that I had, digestive, restless leg syndrome and a lot of physical pain, at first got worse, but then began to clear. I was careful to give myself as much support as I could during this time, including lots of sleep, juicing, supplements and meditation. 


Over the course of the next few months, my physical ailments dissipated one by one. I began to need less and less medication for my RLS and as a result, my digestion and pain levels went down, since they were all being caused by the medication, something I'd never realised before. Within 2 months, I felt better than I had in years. 


At the same time my awareness expanded and things I'd never had the answers to before, suddenly came to light. My session with Malka was definitely a true catalyst in this and helped me to open a doorway that had previously been closed. My experience with her was by far the most beneficial "alternative" treatment I've ever had and one for which I am truly grateful. Highly recommended."

Piper, Wales, 3/2/19



"I have had two sessions with Malka and I want to share here that she is a very talented hypnotist, also very caring and patient. I felt very safe, as well. 


With each session I have shifted because with each one of them I've got more and more understanding and trust in myself and in the Universe. I didn't have any serious condition, but what I feel I've gained is knowing who I am and were I am coming from. With this came courage and openness to life and all opportunities that life had to offer me. Following this I've made an intention to say yes to all exciting opportunities that will show up on my path. 

In my second session I have gotten some healing tools to use for myself, first, and then to teach others to find them and use them, too. 


My fear of dogs is getting better. As an ESL person, I stopped worrying too much for the mistakes I might accidentally make. I even started to speak a little bit of Spanish. My vision is better and I am using my glasses less that I used to. 

I still have some work to do regarding my worthiness, but I am getting better at it, too."

Violeta, California, 2/26/19


"I just got off the phone with my neurologist and they said I have the previous MS signings but there are no new lesions and no active ms signings. This could mean I’m in remission and in the past that’s what I understood as remission. 

That being said, it’s been a year since I took MS medication so this is fantastic."

Kailey, Utah, 2/19/19


"For your collection. 


Issues: no will to live, low energy, low stamina. 


Improvement: feel motivated, energetic, joyful. 


How the change happened:  Anita teaches that to be healthy and happy, we need to be fully ourselves.  The same general principle is at the basis of my own work with clients (make choices aligned to your soul's nature, not what the society expects).  Well, I realized that while I'd implemented this in my work, I wasn't doing enough of that in my home life, duh!  Something happened at home after our session that didn't feel positive at first but ended up being an opportunity for me to remember what it's like to be more fully myself and do what I want at home.  Since then I've made some changes in how I do things and the standards I hold myself to.  At the same time, I found myself being much more energetic, joyful, and motivated, which is most likely the result.  A good illustration for me of how important that principle is for our well-being!"

Julia, California, 2/18/19


"As a fellow Practitioner, I had the pleasure of working with Malka as a hypnotherapy client but also, as a newer Practitioner, she acted as a mentor on many occasions. Her style is one of genuine compassion and pure heart centeredness. With years of experience, she exudes a confidence and reassurance that immediately put me at ease and allowed me to fully trust in her. Anyone who works with her will be fortunate to be in such capable and loving hands!"

Christine, Illinoise, 1/29/19



"I have had the complete pleasure and opportunity, as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, to participate in working with Malka Ahern in her development of Quantum Health, The Divine Reveal.  

First, I must mention how pleasant and informative Malka is to work with.  Her style of interviewing me as a client put me at ease right away.  I found that sharing about my life was a breeze because of her compassionate treatment of the sensitive details, and her willingness to offer insight and wisdom from her years of experience in this modality.  

Through my hypnosis with Malka, I did experience my pure essence.  That part of me that is always with me, but many times I do not listen to because of the debris I have collected all my life that weighs me down. Voices of society, my family, and people in my life that I placed greater value to than my own inner knowing. My pure essence was with me to answer all my questions about the healing of health conditions and emotional traumas I have toted around with me for a long time, and information about next steps in helping others through my own practice of QHHT.  All I had to do was to trust that Malka knew what she was doing (and she does!), set the intention to receive answers and healing, and then let go and follow Malka wherever she was taking me.  It was effortless.  It was profound.  And I am healing physically and emotionally more every day since!  I no longer have difficulty with my vision and hearing, and the daily anxiety I was feeling about certain people in my life has vanished. I will say that I must practice the wisdom that was given to me by my pure essence.  It is not a one-time healing and then you are done.  I continue to use the tools revealed to me every day which allows me to continue physical and emotional health.

I highly recommend working with Malka to achieve physical and emotional health.  Especially if you have been trying many modalities for healing and you just aren’t getting where you need to be.  Quantum Health is about getting to the root causes of suffering. There is nothing that cannot be healed once it is revealed!"

Sue, New York, 1/29/19