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TDR is not a simple process, and for this reason TDR practitioners go through extensive training. The training includes all of the background pieces for the practitioner to be successful in what they do.


With this, the certification is not one of course completion, but one of competency. Each session is extensively reviewed, until the student fully demonstrates their competency in facilitating the entire TDR process.


In addition, once certified, each practitioner must submit one full client series of session recordings for review yearly, in order to retain their certification.


Practitioners are trained to facilitate the TDR process via Zoom, but sessions can be done in person also.


Here is a list of certified practitioners. Please click through to their full practitioner listing page for more information.

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TDR Practitioner Listing



Crete, Greece

Milwaukee, WI, USA




Certification Date

November 2022

March 2023

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