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TDR Practitioner Training & Certification

TDR is a comprehensive process, and for this a comprehensive course is needed. The goal is to give you the tools, skills and confidence necessary to be a fully qualified practitioner. Upon completion of the course and practice sessions students will receive a certificate of competency, not completion. This certifies that you are competent to perform the full TDR process via online sessions.

The Classes

The backbone of the course is live weekly Zoom classes, homework and Q and A. The course is highly experiential to empower personal growth throughout. It is also very practical. The skill sets gained can be utilized both personally and in any other modality you work with.


The format of the weekly Zoom classes is as follows:

  • Prior to each class students will receive a set of class notes to review

  • 20 minutes before each class the Zoom will be opened for students to chat with each other

  • The first 15 minutes of each class is dedicated to the prior week’s homework

  • There will be approximately 1.25 hours of presentation and discussion time, depending on the material being covered

  • Followed by approximately 20 minutes of Q&A plus further discussion

  • The final 10 minutes will be dedicated to the next week’s homework

  • Later that day, an audio recording of the class will be posted with a private link on Sound Cloud

  • Students will receive an email with the private link

A collection of TDR documents, a certificate and documents titled: Going into Gamma, Back into Body, Pre-talk, Working in this Dimension, Getting Ready and Surrendering into love meditation

The Course Process

Each class will run for two hours and will have approximately two hours of homework assignments.

The Zoom classes will run for six months and will be followed by the practice certification sessions. The practice sessions and reviews will be an individualized process, but extra Zoom classes may be added for the benefit of the students and to expedite the overall certification process.

If you are not familiar with the TDR process read more here.


If you have not previously had a TDR session, it is highly recommended that you read the book Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani. It is an integral part of the TDR process and will give you a picture of the type of experience provided by TDR. The book is available in many different languages and in audio format.

Part 1

  • The first part of the course is focused on background, insights and skills. It will cover…

  • Health, healing and how to know in which direction your client is headed

  • Related quantum concepts

  • Conscious, subconscious and consciousness

  • Coaching skills

  • Hypnosis skills

  • Group session basics

  • Study buddy (skills building sessions)

Part 2

  • The second part of the course is focused on learning the TDR process and integrating the knowledge and skills previously learned.

  • This will include both classes and practice on fellow students. Each of these practice sessions will be reviewed and feedback given either in class or personally.

  • Technology will also be covered

If you are not familiar with the TDR process, read more here.

Part 3

  • The third part is focused on practice sessions and reviews.

  • This will include facilitating the full TDR process with at least 10 volunteers. Volunteers will be provided for the students. Each session done will be reviewed and feedback will be given either via a one on one Zoom session or email.


  • A certification of competency is given once competency has been demonstrated in facilitating the full TDR process.

  • There is no time limit for this, and the practitioner in training will receive as much support as is needed to achieve certification.

A silhouette of a person standing on a large rock extending a hand down to help up another person who is climbing up

With Certification the Practitioner Will Receive

  • A certificate

  • A listing and profile page on the TDR website

  • Assistance in setting up an Acuity automated scheduling and email system, if desired

  • Assistance in setting up a Wix website if desired

  • Continued access to ask questions, discuss cases and review sessions

  • Updates on new TDR developments

Practitioner’s clients will be given access to the general TDR Support Groups. Currently there is no fee for this. A small onetime fee per client may be charged in the future.


Since TDR is a complex process, each certified practitioner will be asked to submit one set of client sessions yearly for review to maintain their certification. Currently there is no fee for this and no fees are anticipated.


If the practitioner does not pass the review, or has taken a break from sessions and feels that they need refreshers to get back into it again, a discussion will be held to jointly determine what is needed and the best process for this. Depending on the course of action decided upon, some fees may be incurred.

Upcoming Course
Upcoming Course

A TDR course began on January 8th, 2024 at 8 Am Pacific time

Gallery view of a TDR Zoom meeting showing all the participants at 12.55.02 PM.png

If you would like to register but the current course time does not work for you, register below to be contacted about a possible alternative time. If there are enough students who would like a different time, a second class will be open at a consensus day of the week and time of day.

Regular recommended fee $888 

This Course $444

We know that this is an expensive time of year. Feel free to register without payment. You can work this out later on your own schedule.

As per all of my work, the recommended fees are just that, a recommendation.

You can pay whatever you like.

Enrollment has now closed.

If you would like to register for an upcoming course or have questions, please email:


Hello All, 

I'm a TDR - The Divine Reveal - practitioner and I would like to share my wonderful experience of studying with Malka and facilitating TDR sessions. 

Before the course, I was already doing QHHT, BQH and Sekhem for a few years. The TDR course helped me gain a deeper understanding on what I'm doing in all these modalities, which in turn help me to have confidence that I didn't know I was lacking. Malka taught us to consider concepts in depth and understand them, to know why we do what we do e.g. what is health, why is the script written in this way. I also apply my new knowledge in my other work.

Initially, I wasn't so keen on facilitating the TDR process. It seemed so complicated and so much work. A series of 8 sessions for each client! During the practice sessions, I finally saw and understood the beauty in the design of the TDR process and I enjoyed witnessing clients' transformation which often begins during the preparation sessions. Now I enjoy this modality so so much.

I feel so grateful to have Malka as my teacher and mentor. Malka is very organized and she helped me become more organized in my work. She is dedicated in her work and she inspired me to be more focus with my work. She is patient, kind and generous and she taught me these qualities by being them herself. And the centered and grounded way she is and thinks help me develop clarify in my own thoughts and beliefs. It's been many months since I received my certification but Malka and I are still in contact. I email Malka when I feel wobbly or when I have questions. I also email Malka when I feel excited about a client's session. I feel so good to be supported and that even though I work alone, I'm never alone. 

I'm so excited that we are going to have schoolmates! May the TDR Team grow and prosper!


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