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About The Divine Reveal

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TDR is a quantum health process developed by Malka Ahern. 

A relatively young process, TDR was inspired by the stories of Anita Moorjani and Eben Alexander contained in links sent by a friend. As the world of near-death experiences, NDEs, opened with the seemingly miraculous and medically documented recoveries these two made, Malka said “once is a miracle, twice is repeatable”, and her TDR journey began.

After reading Anita’s book “Dying To Be Me”, Malka realized that this was a guide to the process she was looking for, and TDR made quick strides forward. ​Here is a partial listing of some of the people, whose work has been researched and included into the TDR process:

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mary Morrissey, Delores Cannon, Tony Robins, Cloe Madanes, Anita Moorjani, Eben Alexander, Darryl Anka, Esther Hicks, Lee Carroll and Matt Kahn, along with many individual NDE experiences posted online, people with Multiple Personality Disorder and singers with Turrets Syndrome and speech impairments.

Once the basic process was in place, groups of volunteers assisted in developing and solidifying the system even more. Since its inception in 2018, hundreds of people have benefited from this unique quantum health process. 

About Malka Ahern

My journey with alternative forms of healing started as a teen when a chiropractor took care of a back issue that the doctors said would be around the rest of my life. Later, NLP, Homeopathy and Strategic Intervention Coaching would each do their part in resolving “incurables”. Next QHHT pushed the bar and expanded my world of possibility. Utilizing, learning and practicing all of these modalities opened up great new worlds of skills, growth and healing.

And then just when you think that you're done... what's the saying... man plans and God laughs...

A friend introduced me to the world of NDE, (Near Death Experiences), and the story of Anita Moorjani. This set my mind and heart ablaze. The healing and health achieved were medically documented. Since the body is capable of this how can we make this the norm, without having to go through an NDE?

Thus, The Divine Reveal (TDR): A Quantum Health Process was born.

Malka Ahern

TDR is not only a journey, it's a process. To have the most impactful session and then retain what is gained there's preparation, the main session, follow-up coaching and support groups. So the question came up, what about people who are not ready for this? What can be done to help people where they're at and start them down the road to health. This led to the development of Quantum Pain Relief (QPR).

QPR, developed in 2020, utilizes energy and emotion for up to 80% reduction of pain in a single session. Being energy based it is as effective remotely as in person. It can also be used for other issues, but the clearest results have been in the reduction of pain. Learn more about QPR here.


Malka Ahern lives in Tzfat, Israel where she spends most of her time teaching and supporting quantum health practitioners.



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